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G.S. Go Bros., Inc. started in the construction industry in the 1980’s, dealing primarily with the importation and trading of construction materials as well as the construction of real estate and residential resorts. By 2006, Mr. George S. Go, together with his wife, Mrs. Terry Go expanded the company under the name G2 Global, Inc.
G2 Global Inc. is now the mother organization of several prestigious developers including the C5 Mansions Development Corp., Tagaytay Grassland Company Inc. (the developer of the widely-known Canyon Woods and Canyon Cove), Gilmore Tower Inc., First Noveleta Realty and Development Corp., Polo Del Sur Development Corp., and the Palo Alto Landholding Inc.
The developer recognized that the fundamentals of resort development, namely, the change of setting and provision for lodging and activities must be present.  In view of this, the inclusion of various products supportive to this drive conveys the developer’s long-term commitment to provide end-usage alongside capital appreciation.